Our mission is to be always up to date on the newest designs, looks and inspirations concerning the lifestyle in fashion’s capital city NEW YORK. Exclusive styles come upon high-quality and sustainable materials. Timeless classics get combined with expressive details. When manufacturing we set great value upon fair work and production conditions as well as only using the finest fabrics.

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ORGANIC cotton 95%




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When we heard of the Rana Plaza collapse on the 24th of April in 2013 in Bangladesh, where 1135 people (mostly textile workers) lost their lives, we decided to be a part of the change and joined the global fashion revolution by founding LOUIS CARLTON. From the beginning we wanted to offer high quality apparel, made out of organic fabrics and under fair working conditions. We believe that the best way to live is by appreciating the earth, nature and all living-beings on it.

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From the onset, the goal of miomojo was not only to create beautiful, cruelty-free products and build a vegan brand, but also to contribute meaningfully to their local community and the world at large.

That’s why they do business according to the following core principles/guidelines:

  • Miomojo believes that beauty can and will save the world. Therefore, Miomojo is passionate about designing stylish and sustainable products, ensuring that they are not harming people, the environment or the animals we share our planet with.
  • Miomojo firmly maintains that no animal’s life should be taken for the sake of fashion. Miomojo will never use materials sourced via the exploitation and killing of animals. All Miomojo products are absolutely cruelty-free!
  • Miomojo is committed to actively contributing to impactful, concrete animal protection and rescue projects with every sale of their products and keeping supporters informed about how these donations are put to effective and meaningful use.
  • Miomojo is deeply invested in speaking out against violence and injustice in all its forms while also encouraging their consumers to support causes that they feel passionate about.
  • Miomojo believes in building a committed, professional staff and helping foster a global community interested in beauty and a conscious way of living.
  • Miomojo is convinced that everyone can make a meaningful difference and that organizations and business can (and should) contribute to making the world better for all living beings.

How Miomojo lives their values:

  • By choosing materials that are never derived from animal killing or exploitation.
  • By giving back. With their ethos “you buy, we give”, miomojo contributes to charitable causes with every single product sold. 10% of their net profit supports tangible projects helping animals in need.
  • By responsibly sourcing from partners who look after their workers, who produce with integrity and following their core guidelines and principles as a vegan company.
  • By thoughtfully creating sustainable, affordable products, encouraging at large a cruelty-free purchasing behaviour.
  • By engaging personally in the projects and volunteering activities they help fund.
  • By raising awareness for the myriad benefits of a healthy, conscious and compassionate lifestyle on their social media platforms.

Miomojo is a PETA Business friend. All their products are certified PETA-approved Vegan and Animalfree fashion VVV+ with triple rating, meaning that no leather, fur, feathers, silk or wool are used.

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